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Engage, Educate, & Activate Healthcare Consumers

Ideal for eCommerce, publishers, healthcare brands & providers

Providing healthcare consumers with trusted and timely health information is more important than ever.

Supercharge Health Ecommerce

Your customers will be easier to activate, stay a bit longer, and return more often. 

Empower Content Experiences

Your content will be smarter, more relevant and work harder to keep readers engaged.SOLUTIONS FOR PUBLISHING

Intelligent Health Reference Platform

Content Analysis

Automatically analyze your content, identifying and tagging health concepts.

Access Innovative Features
  • Automatic content parsing
  • Health terms tagging
  • Classification of terms
Enable New Capabilities
  • Classify and organize content in new ways
  • Uncover deeper health context 
  • Automated and programmatic analysis of content
Real Business Benefits
  • Save Time & Money
    • Reduce workload & manual processes
    • Reduce complexity
  • Unlock New Value from Content

Insights & Resources

Access Innovative Features
  • Detailed health concept reports
  • Content statistics
  • Clinical health relationships
Enable New Capabilities
  • Classify content & products
  • Enable new ways to engage
  • Automate cross linking and relationships
Real Business Benefits
  • Save Time & Money
  • Generate New Revenue

Instantly access data and insights that unlock new content and UX opportunities

Intelligent Widgets

Deploy dynamic, configurable intelligent health widgets to drive engagement and activation

Access Innovative Features
  • Diverse widget collection
  • Customizable
  • Flexible UI options
Enable New Capabilities
  • Activate content with reusable components
  • Create new ways to engage
  • Deploy differentiated UX
Real Business Benefits
  • Improve Overall UX & Engagement
  • Improve Trust & Confidence
  • Improve Conversions

Platform features

Keyword Search

Search for keywords and phrases using everyday language and clinical terms

Type or Copy & Paste

Type in or paste from articles, product descriptions, blogs and other text

Upload a File

Easily import longer form text content and save time

Connect to a CMS

Automate content sourcing to your existing collection or library

Content Parsing

Automatic analysis of source content to identify key health terms

Contextual Tagging

Identify & highlight found terms directly in the source content

Intelligent Classification

Automatically classify each term and organize based on clinical topics

Configurable Analysis

Customize the analysis engine to your content needs

Downloadable Reports

Detailed content reports for offline optimizationand analysis

Complete Clinical Taxonomy

Access the entire hierarchy and relationship structure of every term

Trusted Health Content

Always up-to-date and medically verified information

Health Relationships

Understand clinical and content relationships of terms


Extensive lists of keywords for optimizing user experiences


Cross-reference and link to your own content library components


Managed content sources as collections directly in the platform


Group analyses and widget configurations

Gain Instant Insights

Analyze content to unlock conditions, keywords, symptoms, treatments, tests, and many more with detailed content reports

Empower Content

Configure widgets to improve content, product descriptions, SEO, cross selling, cross linking, cross references

Improve User Experiences

Publish and track an unlimited range of configurable widgets

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