Who is it for?

Loretta M

Ecommerce Manager

For ecommerce and category managers, Ref.Health helps:

  • Improve conversion & increase sales
  • Drive larger baskets
  • Faster and easier paths to purchase
  • New ways to shop with custom product collections based on health concerns
  • Tagging and categorization based on medically accurate health relationships

"Ref.Health unlocks new ways to organize products that better match customers'  health needs. We can easily tag our catalog by health concern and shorten the path to finding and buying the right product, everytime..."

Brandy L

Associate Marketing Assistant

Product marketers extract new value with Ref.Health

  • Connect any product to positive health outcomes
  • Sell more by increasing relevance of products for any health condition
  • Establish strong health authority with trusted health content
  • Provide customers with rich health context directly in their shopping journey
  • Tagging and categorization based on medically accurate health relationships

"I never imagined how powerful health context could be to a product listing. I was positively impressed to see a measurable impact in traffic and conversions with this simple way to enrich our listings"

Frederique N.

Sr. Writer

When marketing ideas can have measurable results, Ref.Health delivers valuable health context

  • Get ideas on how to generate more relevant, targeted traffic by health condition
  • Observe increased engagement
  • Encourage more return visits and increased loyalty
  • Access ready to consume content and media for any health topic
  • Connect your content in new, contextually rich ways around health topics

"Understanding the details and relationships already in our content, and the ability to connect articles without any heavy lifting. Ref.Health made this so easy."

Omer Q.

Brand Manager

With Ref.Health, the right product fits the ideal customer

  • Connect more quickly to the ideal customer
  • Build trust by connecting the right product, with the right need, every time
  • Empower customers with confidence in their decision to buy your products
  • Expand your existing knowledge about relevant health topics from the Ref.Health expansive library
  • Rely on accurate and useful health information, and use in any customer context

"We know a thing or two about how our products can help people. We found a smart way to build on our story with Ref.Health, and customers are happier."

Marcy N.

Ecommerce Developer

Intelligent capabilities for the modern health consumer

  • Modern APIs for smart automation and powerful tools
  • Add new value quickly
  • Get a chance to spend more time on your core capabilities
  • Innovate faster and smarter
  • Flexible implementation options

"Ref.Health gave us a nice, fast win, and some cool new functionality. We were impressed that we could customize a solution to fit our (of course) unique needs and show real business value..."

How it works

Search for a concept, select from available content and publish.

Value you can measure

Need to understand how this saves money or makes money?

We have some ideas.

Convert Faster

Intelligent ways to shop

Stay Longer

Meaningful engagement

Shop with Confidence

Help support positive outcomes

Return Often

Build trust and loyalty


Smarter Catalog

Discover new relationships between items in your product catalog

Health-focused Product Collections

Create new product groups and collections based on tags

New Ways to Shop

Create new ways to browse, discover and shop based on health classifications and tags

Innovative Navigation & Discovery

Automatically extract keywords and tag cloud words for easy navigation

Tap to Learn

Enable quick health summaries at your consumers' fingertips

Trusted Health Education

Present fact-based health education directly in the context of your own content

Easier, faster

Save Time Researching

Spend less time researching health topics, finding accurate and reliable sources

Sell Faster, Smarter

Invest in tools that let you focus on what matters, automate the rest

Good for SEO

Improve SEO with more diverse and natural language keywords and phrases for each health reference term or concept

Hassle & Worry Free

No maintenance, completely managed health library, updated daily  and verified by health professionals

Easy to Use

Visual and automation tools for extracting  insights from your entire collection of products and content


Built-in ways to measure when, how and for how long users engage

Instant Analysis

Analyze and identify reference health terms in any text instantly, from product descriptions to supporting marketing content

Batch Processing

Analyze and identify reference health terms in any text instantly, from product descriptions to supporting marketing content

Less Manual Editing

Save time and automate finding, editing, tagging and linking products and content manually


Intelligent Relationships

Easily cross-link, cross-reference and cross-sell products and relevant content

New Ideas

Generate new marketing ideas by better understanding health topics and available relationships

New Connections

Create new ways to relate articles or blogs to each other and to products around health concepts

Smarter Search

Improve user experiences with new ways to search, based on medical codes, keyword lists and related health terms

A Wealth of Knowledge

Reference information on over 6000 health topics

Content for Marketing

Improve marketing with better content for web, email and SMS, from a common, consistent library

Happier Customers


Offer expert and accurate information, education and insights through the shopping journey


Give shoppers peace of mind and reassurance they're making the right purchase decision with relevant, contextual content


Build loyal customers by offering more of what they need and want, wihtout needing to look elsewhere

Easy Activation

Rapidly create and activate health reference content with reusable components

Deeper & Longer Engagement

Improve engagement by encouraging deeper and more meaningful exploration of content through new tags and cross links


Combine health terms, concepts, education, and related data into customizable information panels

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