Engage, educate, and activate increasingly tech-savvy healthcare eCommerce consumers

Is Your Healthcare eCommerce Business Optimized for Growth?

  • The US healthcare eCommerce market is projected to exceed $200 billion by 2020 with a CAGR of 15% 
  • Digitization of healthcare products, services and commerce is driving rapid transformation. Engagement and education are critical success factors for acquiring and converting customers
  • eCommerce is shifting from search portals for products to digital marketplaces that provide personalized experiences and informed purchase decision-making

Intelligent Health Reference For Healthcare Ecommerce

Content Analysis

Analyze content to unlock conditions, keywords, symptoms, treatments, tests, and many more with detailed content reports

Insights & Resources

Generate data and insights to improve content, product descriptions, SEO, cross selling, cross linking, cross references

Intelligent Widgets

Fully configurable health reference
widgets create instant engagement and
opportunities to drive call to action

Key Platform Features

  • Automatic ingestion, parsing, tagging & classification
  • Ad-hoc and batch modes
  • Updates directly to your CMS, PIM or catalog management system*
  • Automated Insights
  • Advanced content and keyword statistics
  • Diverse collection of reference content widgets
  • Customizable to fit your user experience requirements
  • Visual editor and widget configuration tool
  • Analytics and intelligence about usage, consumption and engagement

What You Get

  • Powerful content analysis engine
  • Easy, smart way to automate searching for health reference in your content
  • Flexible and convenient access to information and tools
  • Easy to understand health concept structures and taxonomy
  • Download reports with valuable insights, from keywords and content statistics to health hierarchies and related content
  • Visual and automation tools for extracting insights from entire collections
  • Easy to use tools to configure and publish health reference content

How this benefits you?

Need to understand how this saves money or makes money?

We have some ideas.


Smarter Catalog

Discover new relationships between items in your product catalog

Health-focused Product Collections

Create new product groups and collections based on tags

New Ways to Shop

Create new ways to browse, discover and shop based on health classifications and tags

Innovative Navigation & Discovery

Automatically extract keywords and tag cloud words for easy navigation

Tap to Learn

Enable quick health summaries at your consumers' fingertips

Trusted Health Education

Present fact-based health education directly in the context of your own content

Easier, faster

Save Time Researching

Spend less time researching health topics, finding accurate and reliable sources

Sell Faster, Smarter

Invest in tools that let you focus on what matters, automate the rest

Good for SEO

Improve SEO with more diverse and natural language keywords and phrases for each health reference term or concept

Hassle & Worry Free

No maintenance, completely managed health library, updated daily  and verified by health professionals

Easy to Use

Visual and automation tools for extracting  insights from your entire collection of products and content


Built-in ways to measure when, how and for how long users engage

Instant Analysis

Analyze and identify reference health terms in any text instantly, from product descriptions to supporting marketing content

Batch Processing

Analyze and identify reference health terms in any text instantly, from product descriptions to supporting marketing content

Less Manual Editing

Save time and automate finding, editing, tagging and linking products and content manually


Intelligent Relationships

Easily cross-link, cross-reference and cross-sell products and relevant content

New Ideas

Generate new marketing ideas by better understanding health topics and available relationships

New Connections

Create new ways to relate articles or blogs to each other and to products around health concepts

Smarter Search

Improve user experiences with new ways to search, based on medical codes, keyword lists and related health terms

A Wealth of Knowledge

Reference information on over 6000 health topics

Content for Marketing

Improve marketing with better content for web, email and SMS, from a common, consistent library

Happier Customers


Offer expert and accurate information, education and insights through the shopping journey


Give shoppers peace of mind and reassurance they're making the right purchase decision with relevant, contextual content


Build loyal customers by offering more of what they need and want, wihtout needing to look elsewhere

Easy Activation

Rapidly create and activate health reference content with reusable components

Deeper & Longer Engagement

Improve engagement by encouraging deeper and more meaningful exploration of content through new tags and cross links


Combine health terms, concepts, education, and related data into customizable information panels

Need more?

All the features. Even ones you didn't know you need.

Platform features

Keyword Search

Search for keywords and phrases using everyday language and clinical terms

Type or Copy & Paste

Type in or paste from articles, product descriptions, blogs and other text

Upload a File

Easily import longer form text content and save time

Connect to a CMS

Automate content sourcing to your existing collection or library

Content Parsing

Automatic analysis of source content to identify key health terms

Contextual Tagging

Identify & highlight found terms directly in the source content

Intelligent Classification

Automatically classify each term and organize based on clinical topics

Configurable Analysis

Customize the analysis engine to your content needs

Downloadable Reports

Detailed content reports for offline optimizationand analysis

Complete Clinical Taxonomy

Access the entire hierarchy and relationship structure of every term

Trusted Health Content

Always up-to-date and medically verified information

Health Relationships

Understand clinical and content relationships of terms


Extensive lists of keywords for optimizing user experiences


Cross-reference and link to your own content library components


Managed content sources as collections directly in the platform


Group analyses and widget configurations